Planted Heart Ministries have seen these precious children, with hearts as big as their smiles and joy that is indescribable, love overflowing even under the worst conditions. Nutrition, clean water, good medical help is a basic need for life but in the mountains is a daily struggle!

 Beautiful Country... Precious People

This video gives you a quick view of how people live and the country side of Pestel

 The Needs are Great 

        Here are the urgent needs for the mountains of Pestel:

  • To spread and teach the Gospel of Christ to the mountain villages
  • Sustainable clean water source.
  • A constant food source for the mountain villages
  • Medical and supplies
  • To train the local people skills to provide food for their families and to boost their living situation.



Mountain Ministry

     The opportunities and challenges to minister to the remote villages are endless. These villages have very limited resources, water is a few miles away, food is always a challenge.



 Tree Initiative           The mountains are green and full of beauty but places in the Pestel area,  you can see the effects of cutting down trees for cooking and making canoes. 

The Moringa tree is called the miracle tree and Planted Heart will be introducing this tree of life into the mountains because of the nutritional value of the leaves.  Moringa trees are drought resistant, fast growing, packed with vitamins and minerals for the health of the children. Breadfruit fruit trees and different kind of fruit trees will be planted for a more stable food source for the community for years to come The Planted Heart  will  work with the community leaders to get people excited to try Moringa leaves in their diets and use the leaves as fodder for their animals. To educate the farmers, adults and children about how to plant and harvest the trees in a responsible way,  create a sable food source for the families and jobs for the community.

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